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The Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) is a professional nursing organization founded by Jean Otto in the 1980s. The goal of the organization is to work toward healthier camp communities, by supporting the practice of camp nursing. With Otto’s retirement in 1990, ACN was restructured as a not-for-profit organization, creating a Leadership Board, and launching the Association that exists today.

ACN's national office is in Kentucky. Board members are both nurse and non-nurse individuals interested in quality camp health services. The organization is volunteer-driven and committed to providing healthy camp communities.

Members of ACN are nurses, camp directors, camp leaders, and other individuals interested in camp health services. ACN membership can be the resource that helps minimize the camp nurse's feeling of isolation and provides a pathway to share camp health discoveries. Members receive ACN's publication, CompassPoint, participate in ACN’s governance, serve on committees, and attend ACN conferences and educational symposiums.

ACN has a kindred relationship with the American Camp Association (ACA). In an effort to work collaboratively and broaden our reach with the greater world of camping, ACN members receive support and education to improve camp health activities and services.




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