Epinephrine at Camp

Some states allow epinephrine to be stocked at a camp or school (not prescribed for an individual.) If legal in your state, there are various ways to cost effectively obtain the epinephrine.

As with all pharmaceuticals, you will need an authorization from your Medical Provider to stock epinephrine, and protocols for its use. Once that is in place the camp director, healthcare supervisor and healthcare staff can consider the delivery system for the epi  and sources.

Epi-pens, Auvi-Q and Adrenaclick are examples of auto-inject delivery systems. A one time delivery of a dose of epi packaged 2 doses together. Epi-pens are manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and were the first auto-inject system available. Auvi-Q is a newer product, and has the advantage of an audio instructions to walk the user through using the delivery system. Epi-pens and Auvi-Q are available as a discount for ACN members through BoundTree Medical Supplies. Adrenaclick is a lower cost alternative, available through CVS pharmacies with a cash price of $109.99.

Another consideration is stocking vials of epinephrine. RN’s are trained to draw up and administer injectables. Many Wilderness First Responder courses are now including the training to draw up and administer epi. BoundTree Medical offers all ACN members an Epi-Kit for $29.16. (Kit includes a 1mg/ml vial of epi, Vanishpoint syringe 1ml with 25G needle, alcohol prep pad and bandaid – packaged in a clear styrene box.)

Most campers who have an allergy that may require the use of epinephrine will arrive at camp with an auto-inject system in hand requiring camp healthcare staff to be knowledgeable about how the system works. Stocking vials of epi is usually a more affordable option for camps.  Consider your camp structure and operations to make the best decision about what epinephrine is the best choice for facility.  We encourage all camps to have access to epinephrine, so purchase the device or system best for you, train the necessary staff in administration of epinephrine, and be sure to document for the benefit of all involved.  Best to you for a great Summer 2019!


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