Healthcare Tips 2019

For 34 years, the American Camp Association has provided a service which has served as a resource to camps by providing the information, tips, strategies, and other resources to those who phone the Hotline.  For ten years, health and medical issues have ranked as the top trend. Many camps seem to have difficulty obtaining the healthcare expertise that is needed in the camp environment. Difficulties ranged from medication management mishaps, to lack of familiarity with childhood illnesses, to struggles supporting campers and staff with mental health issues.

The Lessons Learned and Tips for the Health and Medical area include:

  • Trained healthcare staff is critical to the health and well-being of your campers and staff.
  • All staff need to understand the issues regarding distribution of medication.
  • Prepare for mental health concerns for campers and staff. .
  • In the event of a serious accident, injury, or infestation, an excellent communications plan is critical.
  • Gather and bookmark resources before your season begins..
  • Have a health/medical support system in place

The Full 2019 ACA Crisis Hotline Report

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